Teak Tree Lake Lakes

World class fishing in, Chiang Mai, North Thailand

The lake is set within spacious landscaped grounds, with views to the mountains of Northern Thailand beyond. Outside our walls is a wide valley of farms and fruit orchards. Wildlife, especially birds and butterflies are all around, and the sounds that you hear are those of nature – a tranquil setting

Lovely Setting
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Dream Lake Fishing

A beautiful lake on the outskirts of Chiang mai Northern Thailand. Stocked with an amazing array of fish species. Firstly native Thai fish species  the powerful Giant siamese carp  or Chao phraya catfish. In addition to a range of imported fish species from around the globe. For instance the Alligator gar and the Redtail catfish.

About Dreamlake fishing in Chiang mai
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Go Bee Fishing Park

Go B Fishing Park in Chiangmai Thailand offers you the opportunity for incredible action provided by the fish which are a mixture of local Thai Species and a few special rare imported species from other tropical regions that thrive in the Northern Thailand Climate. So whether it’s one of our many members of the Carp species, including the legendary Siamese Giant Carp, or the beautiful and rare Juliens Golden Price Carp, we have a large enough selection of carp species to satisfy the desire of all carp specialists

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Bo Sang Fishing Park

With the large fishing lake on the area more than 20 rai in Bo Sang, Sankhampaeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand. You will be excited on fishing of Mekong Giant Catfish sizes 10-60 kg and various kinds of fish such as Stripped catfish, Chiness carp, Catlocapio siamensis Boulenger, Probarbus jullieni, Small scale mud carp, Nile Tilapia


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Loei Jungle Fishing Lake

HP2V+WJ Chaiyaphruek, Mueang Loei District, Loei, Thailand

 This place is very lovely, nice view, beautiful accommodation, very clean, western standard and delicious food. Jezz and wife take care of us very well. I caught 7 different species in one day and they are all in good condition